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Using advanced lasers to target fatty tissue safely and effectively

Empowered Body Weight Loss has assisted many Bay Area residents with effective and lasting weight loss. But weight loss is not easy, and many people struggle to lose weight and keep it off. This could be due to a number of factors such as toxin level in the body, sluggish metabolism, genetics, health conditions or medication. Many of those who struggle to lose weight look at more invasive measures to achieve weight loss, such as liposuction. However, liposuction can be severely damaging to the body and cause scarring, while also not helping to prepare you for lasting weight loss.

Fortunately, doctors and scientists have formulated a safer, more advanced way to internally reduce fatty tissue, while avoiding invasive surgery. The Zerona 6 is a laser treatment which targets excess fat with none of the effects that normally prevent individuals from doing their daily activities. This laser provides slimming and body contouring with a non-invasive and simple procedure.

Empowered Body Weight Loss – Weight loss consultant at Danville, begins by performing an initial body fat analysis to plan the Zerona 6 treatment. Each session lasts about 40-minutes, including 20 minutes of treatment on the front, and 20 minutes on the back. This is then followed by vibration plate therapy to promote lymphatic drainage.

With no side effects, scarring, or downtime, Zerona 6 can promote substantial fat loss per session, and in combination with healthy lifestyle changes such as improved diet and increased exercise, the weight stays off, and you feel happier and healthier for life.

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